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Face ID iPhone X Lose Fast Instead OnePlus 5T

OnePlus recently released its second smartphone this year, OnePlus 5T. This handset became the best selling device in the company’s short history. In general, OnePlus 5T has the same specifications as the OnePlus 5. But OnePlus 5T has a new design and some cute tricks, one of which is speed.

OnePlus 5T proved faster in performance testing than the iPhone X. Not only that, the facial recognition feature – Face Unlock OnePlus 5T also established more quickly than Face ID iPhone X.However, it does not mean Face Unlock has the same security with Face ID made by Apple. The OnePlus 5T technology does not use a 3D sensor to scan a user’s face and OnePlus does not authorize payment through the technology.

Face ID iPhone X Lose Fast Instead OnePlus 5T

The company says that Face Unlock is intended to make the process of unlocking the phone faster, as fast as the fingerprint sensor. The technology is even able to recognize the face of the user also though he is wearing glasses or in different lighting.

Even so Face Unlock technology seeks to minimize the possibility of someone using photos to hijack users.
The company said here were several checks done, including “analyzing the 3D aspects of the subject”. But it is unclear how this is done given that OnePlus 5T does not have the same sensor type as the iPhone X.

Face ID iPhone X itself uses a sophisticated TrueDepth camera, by projecting 30,000 infrared points on the user’s face. This is a 3D aspect of Face ID, and this explains why Face ID is slower than Face Unlock because iPhone X must do read and validate user identity.