Apple Will Release iOS 11 To The Public

Are you also anxious to know when Apple will release iOS 11 officially to the public? In fact, Apple has already released the beta version of iOS 11 for developers to test. But wait there, why only for developers? Let’s explain.

Yes, iOS 11 has already been released, but only for developers registered in the iOS Developer Center. He’s a key piece at this time of liberation because Apple releases. They test the new system and inform the Apple if the iOS is flowing regularly or have many bugs that should be corrected in upcoming updates, and ultimately after all these errors are corrected the final version of iOS 11 is released to the public. But when? Calm down. We’re still going to get there.

Registered users will be able to test iOS 11 at the end of June, according to Apple. Click here and see how to apply. While this is a safe method, we do not recommend that you install beta versions if you use your iPhone 8 or iPad often for work and do not want to experience sudden crashes.

Apple usually throws the final version of iOS to the public always after the presentation of the new iPhone that happens every year in September, and it is quite clear that this year will not be different. Why do we recommend you wait until September? Because the final version comes completely clean and fluid, which does not happen in beta releases, which are versions of tests and which most often have bugs and crashes.

Hidden iOS 11 Features

Apple officially introduced iOS 11 to the public, which apparently arrived with few noticeable changes, but if you’re looking for detailed, it will be easy to find some interesting changes.

iOS 11 Control Center

iOS 11 was featured on the last June 6th, and with him, we saw the news that the next great update would bring. One of the best is, without a doubt, the new control center. Apple answered our requests and brought the central we all wanted with the shortcut to mobile data, mode of little energy and other novelties you will now meet.

Customizable control center on iOS 11. The control center in iOS 11 now slides as a page occupying the entire screen and with a blur in the background. From iOS 11 you will be able to customize some new central controls.

Source: iOS 11 Guide

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