How to Connect AirPods to Apple TV

Are your ears made by Apple’s wireless AirPod earbuds brighter? That is problematic, but they certainly do place a (Siri) pc in your ear. Introduced in 2016, they utilize a range of Apple technologies that are proprietary to provide an outstanding listening experience. We know they’re developed to use with an iPhone or iPad, but you may want to use them along with your Apple TV, which we describe how to perform here should you happen to be fortunate enough to have a pair.

How to Connect AirPods to Apple TV

What exactly are AirPods?

AirPods are headphones which use a wireless chip that offers excellent high sound. They are easy to setup and provide a range of useful controls for users that are iPhone. They can be used along with different apparatus as headphones, although Apple does not say it quite often.

They look much like the white wired earbud headphones Apple has ever provided with iPads and iPhones, but without the wires. The Guardian calls them, “A great selection for truly wireless earbuds if you have an Apple apparatus and do not like sound isolating earphones.”

Once you have paired or Apple Watch and them together you can get Siri to ask questions, get location data, make purchases, answer calls and more utilizing their AirPods. AirPods are a bit more sophisticated than most Bluetooth headphones.

Apple hasn’t enabled this attribute for the Apple TV since it isn’t a personal device. Your television is utilized in a group setting, and you’re very unlikely to leave it if you don’t live logged into a single Apple ID. This usually means that you need to pair AirPods for use with your Apple TV.

When You pair them to an Apple TV you can:

  • Listen to sound from the Apple TV.
  • You can double-tap an earbud to pause or play content on Apple TV.
  • The automated ear detection system inside the earbuds will pause sound or movie when you remove them from your ear(s).
  • AirPods won’t let you use Siri on Apple TV. This is because they function only like any other set of Bluetooth headphones. Siri support on AirPods is not accessible.

The Way to Connect AirPods using Apple TV

On the AirPods:

  • Reach for your AirPod charging case, open it and put your AirPods inside.
  • Press and hold the button on the rear of this AirPod charging case.
  • Hold down the button until you see the status light flash white.

About the Apple TV:

  • Open Settings onto your Apple TV.
  • Using your Apple Siri Remote (or any other remote control you have setup to utilize your Apple TV), then you ought to click on Remotes and Devices.
  • Click on Bluetooth.
  • Pick your AirPods from the listing of devices that are available.
  • The process finishes. You can now use your AirPods like any other Bluetooth headphones/earbuds. You can not use them to control your voice/Siri being used by Apple TV.

Unpairing out of Apple TV

If you want to eliminate your AirPods out of your Apple TV you’re able to unpair them as follows.

On the Apple TV:

  • Open Preferences.
  • Select Remote and Devices.
  • Select Bluetooth.
  • Locate Your AirPods on the list of Paired devices and choose them
  • Tap Ignore Apparatus

You’ll be prompted to tap Forget Apparatus again as a way to authorize the procedure. As soon as you’ve done thus, your AirPods will be paired together with your Apple TV.

Hint: you could also set AirPods having Windows PC an Android cellphone or some device with Bluetooth aid. You have to press the button while your AirPods are in their situation, and then pair it in precisely the same way you pair other headphones to the device you wish them to operate with.

Once you’ve got AirPods, they will automatically reconnect and play audio, but there is one problem with this. You see, if you use them with another device and match your AirPods, then you’ll have to pair them all over again. That is perfectly normal with almost any Bluetooth headphones, but you may be able to manually re-establish your link in Preferences > Bluetooth.


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